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Hygiene Kits collection for Serenity Inns

During the month of August, we will be collecting personal hygiene items for each man to receive when he first arrives at Serenity Inns. As most of the men arrive from prison or detox centers, they come with nothing. There are approximately 25 new men participating in the program each year, so our list will provide enough supplies to cover one year’s worth of new residents.

Here's what to do:

1. Sign up in Fellowship Hall & pick up the supply list

2. Take two ziplock bags. Write your family name on each bag

3. Purchase all the items on the list (lists provided near the sign up sheets and online at foxpointchurch.org)

4. Place items in the ziplock bags and put everything you have purchases with the caddy in a shopping/grocery bag. Leave in the church office or in the bin in the Welcome Area at church.

The deadline for returning the kits is Sunday, September 2.

This is a wonderful family activity and provides an opportunity to talk to your children about drugs and the danger they pose, both short-term and long-term.

Thank you so much for your participation! For information, please contact Minna Smith at mokismith@aol.com or 414-852-1525

Hygiene Kits
Please include the following items:
———shower caddy*
———toothpaste (larger than travel size, please)
———toothbrush protector
———dental floss
———bar of soap
———covered soap dish
———deodorant – not gel style
———shaving cream (small)
———Kleenex (small pack)
———Chapstick or similar lip product
———comb (thick style)
———hand sanitizer
———$1 shower flip flops– size 9-10 or 10-13

Many items can be found at a Dollar Store, including flip flops

* find this item at Dollar Store, Target, Kohl’s

(Some additional items will also be added after we receive the basic kits back, ie. disposable razor, washcloth & Q-tips)