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REVERSE ADVENT CALENDAR due back Sunday, January 5

January 5, 2020


If you are looking for a great way to teach and participate in the true meaning of Christmas giving try our REVERSE ADVENT CALENDAR. Unlike traditional Advent Calendars where you get something wonderful each day, this calendar asks you to give something each day to someone who is struggling with hunger.

Here's how the program works:

  • Take a box from church or use one of your own. If you think a box is too heavy for you to manage, a cloth bag will do just fine. 

  • On the outside of the box is a label that lists an item for each day. Or, if you're using your own box or cloth bag, you can pick up a list at church or download it hereFor a quick reference, see the list of items below.  

  • Every day, at dinner with your family, take an item from your pantry and put it into your box or cloth bag.

  • Go around the table and share with each other one-way God blessed you that day.

  • On January 5 bring the box/bag to church. We will celebrate and make sure the food is delivered to food pantries and families in need.


It's that easy! This is such an amazing way to easily give back this year, and will not only bless those in need in your community, but also keep your family focused on the true meaning of the Christmas season.

There are extra lists of the food items at church.


Each day add an item to your box.

___December 1  –  box of cereal

___December 2  –  peanut butter

___December 3  –  stuffing mix

___December 4  –  boxed potatoes

___December 5  –  macaroni & cheese

___December 6  –  canned peaches

___December 7  –  canned tomatoes

___December 8  –  canned tuna

___December 9  –  dessert mix

___December 10   –   jar of applesauce

___December 11   –   canned chicken

___December 12   –   canned pineapple

___December 13   –   canned beans

___December 14   –   box of crackers

___December 15   –   package of rice

___December 16   –   package of oatmeal

___December 17   –   package of pasta

___December 18   –   spaghetti sauce

___December 19   –   chicken noodle soup

___December 20   –   tomato soup

___December 21   –   canned corn

___December 22   –   canned mixed veggies

___December 23   –   canned carrots

___December 24   –   canned green beans

On Sunday, January 5 bring the contents back to church.

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