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Adopt a Backpack for All Peoples Church - DEADLINE IS JULY 25


Many (if not most) of the All Peoples students follow a school calendar that begins early in August and concludes before Memorial Day. This means that the bulk of their Back-to-School events and programs need to be in order by July 30th. Our plan is to provide All Peoples with backpacks and school supplies for their summer Kids Working to Succeed participants, Camp Umoja participants, and to the kids who live near to All Peoples (with the help of the service fraternity on our block). Last year All Peoples successfully provided ALL of these kids with backpacks/supplies!

This is where you come in! 
We are asking you Adopt a Backpack--meaning purchase a sturdy student backpack and ll it with the needed supplies. You will find the list in Fellowship Hall next to the backpack display--please note, it is a two-sided card--or on our website. It is IMPORTANT that you follow the EXACT backpack lists so that we do not have any issues with inequities among the kids.

We can also take loose supplies (or extra supplies you have after lling your backpack) o the list if you prefer to go that route, but adopting an entire backpack is a huge help to All Peoples.

All Peoples also includes 1 new book in each backpack they give out. After distributing more than 10,000 books from their Little and Free Libraries over the past few years, they are running low on books. If you have access to free new or used books (retiring teachers are a great source for this!) please contact Linda Muth at All Peoples: 

Backpacks and supplies are due no later than July 25! Please contact Stacia Hickey if you have any questions.