Parish Nurse

Joni Ledzian, Parish Nurse

The purpose of the parish nurse is to promote wellness by holistically addressing the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the congregation. The integration of health and faith enhances the well-being of each individual. Our parish nurse is a health counselor, advocate for health care, health educator, and health referral agent. Please contact Joni with any needs or concerns.

Roles of the Parish Nurse:

Health Educator:

  • Provide current educational materials on health issues
  • Provide classes on health topics that address the needs of the congregation
  • Provide exhibits and screenings to increase awareness of health and its relationship to faith.

Health Advisor:

  • Offers confidential sessions to individuals to promote, maintain, or restore health and prevent illness.
  • Visits members of the congregation in homes, hospitals, and nursing homes to provide health counseling.

Referral Agent:

  • Assists people to understand and effectively use the health care system.
  • Refers clients to appropriate health care resources within the community when the client’s assessed needs are beyond the skills of the parish nurse and her scope of practice.
  • Assist people in receiving health care assistance when they are unable to do so.

Health Care Advocate:

  • Act as an advocate for clients in dealing with physicians, community resources, and health care systems.
  • Work in the church and community to expand the concept of wholistic health.
  • Co-ordinate, develop, and implement volunteers to maintain Caring Ministries.