Holiday Boutique

All monies are donated to our outreach and congregational care programs.

Coordinator: Oversee the planning and execution of this exciting sale. Promote event and participation through announcements in the bulletin and Messenger and find chairs for each area.

Food Gift Coordinator: Choose recipes for packaged foods, purchase ingredients and bags, find volunteers to assemble recipes and bags. This usually occurs one or two weeks before the Holiday Bazaar.

Baskets Coordinator: Assemble attractive baskets three or four weeks before the event.

Shoppers: Shop for beautiful items at bargain prices throughout the year for the next year’s bazaar.

Gifts Coordinator: Put together a team to design gifts which can be made by members, recruit members to make them during the fall (or entire year). Opportunity for fellowship and creativity.

Cookie Chair: Recruit members to bake cookies to be sold by the pound at the event.

Set Up Team: Assemble and decorate tables, display baskets and gifts.

Day of Event: Volunteers needed to weigh and sell cookies, check out merchandise, welcome shoppers, and oversee tables.

Contact: Bunny Raasch-Hooten, 414-352-8802,