About Our Be! Sunday School

Elementary Grades K5-6th

Where Jesus teaches us how to BE Christians and become the very best we can BE!

School can make your child smarter; sports can make them stronger; but Sunday school can make them better Christians and the very best they can BE for themselves and for others.


Jesus came not only to promise us eternal life with God but to help us live our best lives here and now. Through his BEING with us, Jesus gave us a roadmap to a better life for ourselves and for those around us. He taught us how to BE.


His message was simple: Love God and love your neighbor. 

Our BE! program is designed for children in kindergarten through 6th grade and relies on a rotation, multimedia approach to Bible education. In our program, children explore a particular Bible story or theme for 5 weeks in 5 different ways: a movie shown on the first Sunday of a new unit, games, art, a related outreach project, and a unit designed to help them understand what a particular Bible story has to do with their life today.


Through our Sunday morning program, we hope to expand your child’s knowledge of the Bible, grow their faith, nurture their desire for a relationship with God, and create fulfilling relationships with their classmates.

Bible Stories & Themes 2023-2024

For Grades K5-6th




Women In The Bible

Learning About Our Bible

All About Our Church


Parent Teacher Sign up for 2023-2024

You will be able to sign up to teach beginning this August 1 2023. 

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