New Member Directory

by Breeze

Launches in January!

We have some exciting news! We're launching a new online directory this coming January.

What is Breeze?

The directory coincides with our new database by Breeze. Breeze is an online database system for those who are part of Fox Point Lutheran Church and allows you to...


    View an online church directory 

    Email or call members directly from App

    Update your family’s contact info

    View your giving history

Why use Breeze?

Breeze is a system that our entire staff, finance, and communications teams are using to help us stay organized; and you benefit from that as well! When you update your contact details, you help staff have accurate information. When you give, you are able to track your giving. You also have access to our church directory right from your smartphone.

Need access now?

If you need to get ahold of someone before the launch, we can certainly give you access right away. Just scroll down and click the “Request a Breeze Account” button. We’ll send you your login credentials shortly.

How to get an account

You must be a part of our church community in order to get access to Breeze. If you are interested, click on “Request a Breeze Account” to begin the process! Also, check out Helpful Hints.