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School Supply Drive

We are partnering with Winkie’s Toys and Variety! in Whitefish Bay through their School Tools program! Winkie’s is offering 4 different age-specific school supply “packages” you can order directly through Winkie’s. They include everything except the actual backpack, a mask, and the scientific calculator. Winkie’s also donates 5% of all School Tools sales to All Peoples Church!

For more information and to print and order form click the button below.

Canopy Needed

Do you have a pop-up canopy you no longer need?  As All Peoples continues to use exclusively use their outdoor spaces, they need a little more shade and protect folks from raindrops.  Contact Anna at for details or to make a delivery.

Partner Plots

Would you like to grow vegetables at home and donate some or all to all to their produce stand, the Gathering Table? They have seeds available NOW for some crops you could grow at home.  Seedlings will be available beginning June 1 for you to take and plant. Message Susan at for details. Stop by the Gathering Table on Tuesdays or Thursdays from 1 to 5 PM to pick up seeds/plants or to donate fresh produce. If that time is not convenient, coordinate an alternative plan with Susan.

Volunteer In The Gardens!

Throughout the summer, on Tuesdays and Thursdays All Peoples welcomes volunteer helpers in our garden spaces.  Coordinate a
one-time task or ongoing help by contacting Susan at .

Peeps Academy

Make a Read-Aloud Book Video (or 2)!

All Peoples is creating a small bank of read-aloud videos to use with their younger Peeps Academy children.  They want to include a 15-minute "guest reader" segment in the online mentoring program.  The kids will get to "meet" partners (YOU!) from far and wide!

For more informaiton and to sign up, check out this.

KWTS Lunches

Two Dates Available!

One of the biggest programs at All Peoples involves kids working in their community garden—helping to grow and maintain the plants used in the church’s weekly food distribution program. The kids are paid a small amount which is divided into savings, spending and giving back. There is also Bible Study and garden education. Various partners provide bag lunches every day of the program. We have signed up for two of those dates. 

Your generosity provides students with healthy lunches at the end of their morning work days.

For all the details, click on the links below.

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