Serving Our Brothers and Sisters in Tanzania



Many in our FPLC family know the importance of our Tanzania scholarships. Students there pay not only for college, but also their secondary education. Students and families pay what they can, some even selling farm land to help pay for the expenses, but without help from scholarships, many students in Tanzania would not be able to afford these costs. Please consider supporting these students. Some of our FPLC small groups have grouped together to support scholarhships or sponsor one of the college students for the year.

Mt. Meru Coffee

By purchasing Mr. Meru Coffee through church, you help sustain more than 2,000 farmers in Tanzania! The coffee comes in several tasty varieties, including decaf and K-Kups! While we normally sell the coffee each Sunday moring before/after services, right now call the church office for details on costs and arrange to pick some up for home. It also makes a lovely gift. 

Additional Efforts

The gifts of our congregtaion have also built preschools for little kids and a tailoring classroom for adults to learn a trade, provided water and food during severe droughts.