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Superbook, Fox Knox, 5 For Faith, Vito & Super D


FPLC From A to Z With Super D

For Ages 0-99!   |   Episode 2

All you and your kids need to know about FPLC from A to Z!

What’s the difference between a messiah and a Christ? Why do we say amen? Why do churches have steeples? What is the best way to pray?


Super D is back to help with super-short, fun videos to tackle those things you have always wanted to know about but were afraid to ask about FPLC.


Whether you are new to FPLC or have been coming to church for years…whether you’re 9 or 99, be sure to check out FPLC from A—Z.

This week's letter is...

Superbook Movies 

For Elementary   |   Aug. 29  -  Jonah

Have you been fishing this summer? Check out the biggest fish tale of all time and learn why we all deserve a second chance when we make a mistake.

Fox Knocks

For Elementary

5 For Faith

For Families   |   Click on the stopwatch to begin 

Little Foxes

For Pre-K   |   Episodes


Goes to Sunday School

Super D

Challenges Vito the Virus