Today Thru March 27th

Easter Lily Garden

Help Decorate our Sanctuary

Help decorate the Church for Easter Sunday with spring plants A list of donors will be published in the Easter Sunday Bulletin.

Plants may be picked up immediately following the 11am service on Easter Sunday, April 9th, or on Tuesday, April 11th. After this date, plants will be thrown out. 

Click the button bellow to complete the online form. This will let us know how you would like the information to appear in the bulletin.


Firm Deadline: Monday, March 27th.

Have Questions? Contact Lori Barrieau; Lori@foxpointchurch.org

Wed. July  19 – Tues. July 25

Youth Mission Trip to Boston

8th Grade – Graduating HS Seniors

Contact Person: Hannah Knapp; 262-844-2116 or Hannah@foxpointchurch.org – Please reach out with any questions or concerns.