Provide a warm meal & deliver it by 5:45pm - just in time for dinner.

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Because of Covid-19

We feel fortunate to have had no instances of the coronavirus at the Inn or at Alumni House.  New potential residents are tested for COVID-19 prior to admittance, and the staff is following the necessary guidelines as we work to ensure the safety of our residents, staff and guests.


Guidelines As of June 1

>  Guests are allowed to enter the building for dinner.

>  Maximum of 3 Dinner Fellowship Guests.

>  If you are not feeling well, please be considerate and do not attend.

>  Please let us know in advance if planning to dine with us.

>  As in the past, residents will retrieve meal from guest car upon  arrival at 5:45pm.

>  Respect social distancing guidelines. We hope to phase in physical contact (hugs) over time.

>  Prior to meal, circle prayer & community intros will take place at the dinner table (no hand holding).


The traditional Resident and Guest question will continue!