FPLC From A to Z

With Super D!

FPLC From A to Z With Super D

Click a letter to learn what Super D has to say about it!

C is for Candle

Why do we use candles?

C is for Communion

What is it?

A is for Amen

Is It Amen or amen?

B is for Baptism

Do YOU need to be baptized again?  

B is for Bible

Watch as Super D writes a new Bible—or not!

D is for 


Ever wonder what the ELCA is?

M is for Messiah

Do you know the difference between Jesus as Christ, Messiah, and Savior?

O is for Organ

Ever wonder why churches have organs?

P is for Pastor

Super D explains more about Pastors.

P is for Pew

Why do we sit in pews at church? 

P is for Prayer

Want to know the best way to pray? 

S is for Steeple

Why do churches have steeples?

S is for Sunday School

Why do we go to Sunday School?

V is for Vestments

Super D, please tell us what this means.