Investing in Our Meru Partnership in Tanzania


Harambee means “lifting together.”  In a six-part Harambee video series, we will share the three mission priorities of our partners in Tanzania as “a community working together for the common good.”  The first priority is training future leaders. The second is supporting their vital medical ministries.  The third is providing a bridge for ministries challenged by the COVID economy.

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Future Leaders

In the Tanzanian culture, the church is responsible to bear the cost of educating future pastors. Meet two pastors who have benefited from the Meru Partnership Committee Professional Education Fund. Discover the need to train more pastors to serve the growing number of Lutherans in Tanzania.


Future Leaders

In the Tanzanian culture, pastors serve many roles beyond being spiritual leaders.  As part of the Ascension Lutheran (Waukesha) partnership, Pastor Nathan Makenge was an active part of digging a 9- km. (5.5+ miles) trench for a community water project that now brings safe water to 3000 people.



The Greater Milwaukee Synod has collaborated with our Meru partners to assist in offering medical services at the hospital and outpatient facilities.  In this video, Dr. Sam Kiwesa expresses gratitude for the improvements made with our help like the well, electricity, and x-ray equipment, and current needs are raised up.




In 2020 an unexpected $50,000 gift came at just the right time for two secondary schools in the Diocese of Meru. This generosity inspired Julie Starks to consider supporting the funds that develop future leaders in Tanzania in her legacy giving. Will watching this video also inspire you?


to Needs

Helping the Diocese Help Others.

The spring 2020 rains caused floods and significant damage. The Greater Milwaukee Synod responded with humanitarian aid that helped 580 households. COVID-19 has slowed their economy, and the Diocese is called to help with food and to support the parishes that receive minimal offerings.  Video 5 shares the story of how we can help the Diocese of Tanzania to help others in need.

A Community Working Together

Experience the unconditional love felt during visits to our partners in Tanzania as we have walked in companionship over the past two decades.  Discover the strong sense of community, as we work together to take care of each other.

Through prayers and financial support, we can train future leaders, support their medical ministries, and provide a bridge during the challenges of the COVID economy.

Asante sana!


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