Construction Updates

Weekly Update

Feb. 21, 2021

  1. The process began to rework the ductwork in the area of the new lobby and the old cooling system has been completely removed.  The new gas-fired split system is being built in place and new ductwork is being fabricated, insulated and installed.  Additionally, new gas piping was delivered and installation has begun.
  2. Additional temperature enclosures were erected in the lower-level along with additional frost protection to protect the existing conditions in the area of the Sunday School Rooms.
  3. A large load of new piping and fittings were delivered and sorted and work within the area of Fellowship Hall is now underway.
  4. Installing new insulated ductwork in the area above Fellowship Hall continued. 
  5. Northern Concrete's crew arrived to begin setting up and pouring our new footings.
  • Chancel from basement.jpg







    Basement under
    former sanctuary area

  • Demoed chancel.JPEG
  • Kitchen.JPEG









  • Noah's Ark.JPEG











    Former nursery &

    children's choir rooms

  • Preschool.JPEG














    Preschool Area

  • Sanct1-out Interior Windows.jpeg






     Looking through the 

     back interior windows 

     of Sanctuary 

  • Sanct2-out Birds eye view.jpeg





     Birds eye view of Sanctuary 

  • Sanct3-out fr left.jpeg





     Looking out from 

     left side of Sanctuary 

  • Sanct4-out closeup.jpeg
  • Sanct5-side Sacristy.jpeg






     East Side 

     & Sacristy 


  • Sanct6-side east torn up.jpeg




     Look what's missing  

     on the East Side!  

  • Sanct7-in dozer.jpeg






     The demolition continues! 

  • Sanct8-inward Right.jpeg







     Looking into 

     the Sanctuary  

     from the right  

  • Sanct9-in closeup brick.jpeg






     Here's a better look! 

  • Sanct10-in upward.jpeg
  • Sanct11-inward left.jpeg
  • IMG_0919.jpeg
  • IMG_0921.jpeg
  • IMG_1842.jpeg
  • IMG_4714.jpeg
  • IMG_4704.jpeg
  • IMG_4706.jpeg
  • IMG_4707.jpeg
  • IMG_4708.jpeg
  • IMG_4710.jpeg
  • IMG_4709.jpeg
  • IMG_4713.jpeg
  • IMG_4712.jpeg
  • above FH roof.jpg

      Did you ever  

      wonder what was  

      above the ceiling  

      in F. Hall?  

      Now you  

      can see!  



     The tiles  

      are all  

     torn out now!  

  • Chapel inside.jpg

      Removal of  



  • Front of Sanctuary.jpg

      Front of  


  • Chapel Renovation.jpg





  • South Window.jpg



      of Chapel  

  • Construction Guys working on Main Chapel windwo.jpeg


     Main Chapel  


  • Chapel closeup.jpeg




  • Pastor Bill & Mark Metzendorf



      fresh air!  




      Pastor Bill &  

      Mark Metzendorf   

What's Coming

  We Energies will return to site and prep for transfer of power.


 Major demolition will begin next week.

Groundbreaking Ceremony 2020

Groundbreaking Slides

  • GBK pics_Group shot.png
  • GBK square_ladder talk.png
  • GBK pics-06.png
  • GBK square_Mark talking.png
  • GBK square_shovel shake.png
  • GBK square_shovel bill.png
  • GBK square_shovel handoff.png
  • GBK square-06.png
  • GBK square_shovel throw.png
  • GBK square_shovel up.png