Food Drives

What To Donate: 

The greatest need right now for our partners is personal care products. Food purchases should be filling and nutritius. Thank 

• canned beef, chicken & tuna

• Spam

• sardines

• Vienna sausages

• pork & beans 

• beef ravioli

• boxes of cereal

• energy bars

• baked beans

• chili Beans

• crackers

• pancake mix/syrup  

• peanut butter & jelly

• canned fruit

• canned vegetables, yams, corn

• spaghetti & sauce

• boxed milk

• hearty stews & soups

• chicken noodle/dumpling soup


• chicken noodle/dumpling soup

• hearty stews & soups

• vaseline

• deoderant

• Toothbrushes/toothpaste

• hand sanitizer

• bar soap

• body wash

• feminine products


• men's & women's razors

• toilet & facial tissue

• diapers

• baby wipes

• full-sized shampoo

• dish soap

• laundry soap

• Household cleaning supplies


All Peoples Gathering Church

All Peoples Church provides a weekly food pantry. They welcome food and personal care item donations. In the summer, All Peoples has a large garden and shares the produce several times a week with the neighborhood. For more information on their food programs, click below.

Cross Lutheran Church

The staff and volunteers at Cross pre-package bags of food for people to pick up on the second and forth Wednesdays of the month. They also have a community garden in the summer and a year round herb garden. For more information on all their food programs, click below.

MacCanon Brown Homeless Sanctuary

MBHS is in the 53206 zip code, Wisconsin’s most impoverished neighborhood, but their outreach is city-wide. They currently have a "Doorway Ministry" because the sanctuary is in the process of being renovated. They provide clothing, nonperishable food, fresh produce, household items, furniture, bicycles, and more to serve 250 neighbors a week in this food desert. We currently are collecting food and personal care products for their ministry.


Click below for more information on MBHS.

The Table/Alice's Garden

This group has a number of different functions in the community which outweigh their role as a donated food provider, however we do periodically provide food and supplies as the need arises. To learn more about Alice's Garden, please click below.

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