Serenity Inns & Alumni House

The goal of Serenity Inns is to provide a safe place for men in Milwaukee to recover from their addiction to either drugs or alcohol. SI provides a seven month transitional living program for homeless men who choose recovery from drug and/or alcohol addictions. Serenity Inns staff has made it a top priority to accept new men safely. Admitting someone who tests positive for Covid-19 is a real danger.

Dinner Fellowship at Serenity Inns

Three nights a month FPLC volunteers prepare a meal for 10-13 men, take it warm to the Inn at 2825 W. Brown St. in Milwaukee by 6 pm, and enjoy the meal and fellowship with the residents. This is a good activity for families with middle school/HS aged children as well. The anti-drug/alcohol message is great for our youth to hear. The beauty of dinner fellowship is that residents develop the socialization skills lost during their active addiction, and volunteers live the virtue of charity and put a real face to the disease of addiction.

How Dinner Fellowship Works

The FPLC signup for dinner fellowship is online! Volunteers can sign up on the Serenity Inns website also ( for open dates on the Volunteer Calendar—it doesn’t have to be one of the FPLC dates. At the bottom of their calendar, you will find contact information (a phone number and/or an email address) so you can let the staff know that you will take an open date.


Dinner fellowship volunteers can drop off food, order it and have it delivered or stay and have a meal with the residents following COVID-19 protocols. There are a number of options for pick-up and delivery for the SI neighborhood. Contact Lorraine Buehler (see below) for a list of restaurants. Serenity Inns wants above all else to be a good neighbor, minimizing exposure to volunteers and the residents to Coronavirus! Contact Lorraine Buehler with questions or to volunteer:; 414-964-8933.

Alumni House

Serenity Inns also runs Alumni House, desirable and affordable housing for persons who choose and are committed to developing their independent living skills. A treatment-supported community, Alumni House now makes affordable housing available to men who have graduated from the program, have sustainable employment, and a support network. The men are tenants who sign a lease, pay a security deposit, and monthly rent.

Thanks to FPLC members for your continued support.

It means more than you can imagine!

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